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Read through a series of hand-selected devotionals written by Dave and Linda. Each begins with a short Bible passage that speaks to us about some aspect of marriage, family or relationship life. We offer a brief comment applying the meaning of the passage. We finish with a prayer related to the Scripture theme.

the marriage oneness system


Great marriages achieve oneness. Jesus prayed for our oneness in John 17, just before his arrest. Our guiding principle in coming alongside marriages is to help couples grow in unity and oneness.

      In this course we look at marriage as a system with 9 components.
A system is created with a design. If the components are running according to their design, the system works. When one component is failing the system is damaged. Marriage works the same way. God has given us a marriage design to follow. We receive His blessing as we follow the biblical design with the help of His Spirit.

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1.  God’s Design for Marriage

2.  Generations, Families and Oneness

3.  Leadership in the Home

4.  Communicating Love and Respect in the Home

5.  Becoming One in our Marriage

6.  Freedom and Acceptance in Families

7.  Growing Deep, Growing Strong

8.  Celebrating our Differences

9.  Growing in Intimacy

Cost: DVD–$20. Workbook–$20.


Please contact RSM at 905.240.2879 to order yours today.

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Ephesians Essentials

Parenting Guide


This Parenting Guide is different - different because it begins with the words of the Bible. We are not beginning with our human experience or understanding, but with the authority of God’s word. We first read the words of Scripture, starting with verse 1 of the book of Ephesians and ending with the last verse of the last chapter. We explore the verses in terms of their content, their meaning, and their application in the context of Christian parenting. Successful parenting is achieved by reading and applying the Bible as it is written and as He speaks to us through it.

Cost: Workbook–$20.


Please contact RSM at 905.240.2879 to order yours today.

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